An anecdote…

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Just a little anecdote from my childhood, which may or may not relate to anything going on in the world.

I R 3133+

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If you’ve seen the movie Hackers (or have used a computer sometime in the past 20 years), you should be able to read the post title. If you can’t, then just google “3133+” and commence to feeling superior about your “‘pu+3r $k!1z.” Anyway… The reason this has surfaced in my brain stew is because something […]

The man was a saint, I tell ya! A saint!

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For those who read the title…. well, actually, the man I’m speaking of wasn’t a saint, though you’d never know it to read about him now. The person in question was a band director in my 100-miles-past-the-middle-of-nowhere hometown, and now he’s dead. For the rest of the story, please click on through to the other […]

Brain-Dump ahead! Watch out for low-flying thoughts!

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Hello, my lovely lads and lassies (and all you other people, too)! Today, I’m just going to be opening up my cranium and pouring out the warm, gooey contents, whatever they may be. Enjoy!

I’m baaaaaaaaaack…

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Despite rumors of my death at the hands of angry hordes of pizza slingers, I’m alive and well. They only winged me with a lukewarm supreme. Anyway, on with our triumphant return to the electronic airwaves… My handy desk calendar informs me that it is, in fact, October… the month for spookiness and all things […]