Some things do NOT need to exist….

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Today, io9 put up an article titled “10 Comics That Absolutely Must Be TV Series, NOT Movies.” After reading their list, I sincerely think that the author either was just tossing things together to make a filler article, or he’s got some of the worst taste in the history of ever. Seriously. Some of his […]

Word from the front lines…

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Aloha, mi amigos y amigas! Yeah, I mixed languages there, Just checking to make sure you’re paying attention. Annnnnnnnyway, how are you kids doing? I, your intrepid reporter on all things pointless, have just returned from what can best be described as a few months in hell. I’d love to share details, but then the […]

Protected: Do NOT order from NewKadia Comics!

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Kickstarting my creativity…

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Aloha, my faithful readers and readerettes! So sorry for my time away from the keyboard, but even I have to go out into the sunshine occasionally. Ah yes, sunshine, beaches, margaritas, and the tiniest bikinis you can imagine…. vacation is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Annnnnnnnyway, let’s get on with things. Sooooooooo much has occurred […]

But I don’t wanna!!!

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You’ll understand that title in a second…. just hang on. In the news today, we found that relative newcomer Josh Fialkov was quitting his job as writer on two Green Lantern comics. Okay, these things happen. Maybe he needed to go take care of his poor, sick mom or something, right? Not quite. Turns out […]

They’re JUST comics…. right?

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You’ll have to ex-squeeze me for going a little bit more serious with this one, my loyal readers. This is kind of a touchy subject, but I wanted to get my two bits thrown out there into the electronic ether. If you haven’t already read Amazing Spider-Man #700 and you might want to do so […]

Verti-gone… And good riddance.

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The newest horror of the comic scene is the departure of Karen Berger from DC Comics. Well, the slavish followers of the Vertigo line seem to think it’s a horror, anyway. Personally, I think it’s a good thing. And if you’ll do me the honor of clicking through, I’ll be more than happy to tell […]

O.M.G.? B.F.D.!

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One of the more news-worthy topics to cross the comics newsdesk in the last few days (if you don’t count the continuing antics of Robert Liefeld, Esq.) has been the arrest of a sort-of, maybe, semi-known “creator” named Mario Gully. Of course, now he wants to be known as O.M.G. Yeah, right. I’d like for […]

The Return of Stephanie Brown – A Pitch To Be Freely Stolen

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Pretty much since the dreaded New52 debuted at DC Comics, there have been people getting almost hysterical for the return of the character Stephanie Brown. To the point that there was actually an attempt to get people to send waffles to Dan Didio (DC’s┬áhead-asshole-in-charge) to try and get him to bring her back. There have […]

I’m All Out of Bat-Dumbass Repellant, Dammit…

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Okay, I feel like it’s been sufficiently long since the movie came out that I can talk about The Dark Knight Rises without having anyone scream at me or threaten to beat me with a tire iron for revealing any spoilers. If you disagree, or just don’t want to read anything about it until it […]

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