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Yes, i know it’s been a while. Overcoming death, devastation, and outrageous dry-cleaning bills can be hell to overcome. But here I am, good readers, back in time to help you along on another amazing four years.

Annnnyway, today’s top is… well, let’s just say that the libs are now tripping over themselves. If you want to see what i mean, then you’re going to have to click on through….

Recently, a whoooooole bunch of my semi-favorite liberals have gotten their panties in a wad about a topic that is becoming a nation-wide issue. Homelessness. Specifically, homelessness in Austin, Tx. One that i only vaguely know even went through and made a bullet-point presentation about it. I’m shocked that the word bullet-point didn’t cause him to go into hysterics and need a safe space. so, withought further ado, i present said points, with my commentary (as usual). Enjoy.

**the cost of living in Austin has skyrocketed, and this has greatly exacerbated the issue.

Oh, really? Here’s a little tidbit, oh wise-and-goofy. Homeless people are not especially affected by Cost of Living. Why? They beg for food and other necessaries, and when they do pay for things, increaded cost without increased income doesn’t affect them. They’re begging for money, remember?

**getting back on your feet in a city that the cost of living is so high, is EXTREMELY unlikely.

Okay, hint number 2, because you appear to be utterly clueless. I’ve known about…. Ohhhhhhh….. Infinity more homeless people than you have. Including one that is more or less a step-daughter. The fraction of them trying to get back on their feet is so much smaller than the “I like it this way” crowd that they might as well be non-existent. They stay homeless on purpose, so they can avoid the struggles of real life, like work, taxes, bills, etc.

**many of us, before you get callous, are 1-2 steps, 1-2 emergencies, away from it happening to us. I’ve been on the brink a couple of times if not for the good grace of friends.

This is claimed by many, but proved true by very, very few. “On the brink” but pulling through with the help of friends actually proves the opposite point. Find me half a dozen in all of Austin that couldn’t have avoided it altogether by simply asking for help, be it frieds or government. Go ahead and start. It’s going to take you a long while.

**many of you screamed against helping Syrian refugees because of “homeless vets”. Guess what? There are a lot of homeless vets in there. Here’s your chance.

Waitaminute! All of a sudden, you’re more worried about vets than your precious refugees? Well dip me in sheep dip and call me to dinner!

Yes, there are many homeless vets. Guess what? If liberal pukes like you would quit crying your eyes out over the “poor, helpless refugees” and put the funds toward the vets, we wouldn’t have a problem. At all.

**Addiction is a motherf**ker. Even those with good resources and stable lives, people have the hardest of times beating it. In despair and on the street? Damn near impossible.

Indeed, it is. And you’re utterly wrong. The public resources are there. Most of those homeless addicts don’t want to get clean and get off the streets. Then they would have to face up to the shit they’ve made of their lives.

**Just to note, we have huge pharmcos that have knowingly flooded the markets with drugs they knew would cause a large percentage of their users to get addicted.

Just to note, this is beyond off-topic, not to mention a big, steaming pile of Grade A, 100% Bullshit. Without those “huge pharmcos,” we would be hip deep in more diseases than your lily white little liberal ass could fight off.

**we’ve slashed mental health budgets, and many of them suffer from mental illnesses, sometimes debilitating.

Holy Crap!!! Did a liberal just admit there is a mental health problem? He must have a mental health problem. Do you know who has slashed those mental health budgets? I’ll give you another hint. They’re in the same party as Pelosi and Chuckles Schumer. That said, it’s not the biggest problem for the homeless. The biggest problem is liberal quacks like you that think we should treat them like children. If, instead, we made them live up to adult responsibilities, and stay sober, get jobs, etc, the problem would fix itself. Not that you libby babies would understand that.

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