Uh oh… the money tree is dying!

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Unless you either live under a rock or are my father, you use social media. Hell, even the rock-dwellers probably have Twitter. If you do, you have almost undoubtedly run into a post from some semi-celebrity or other saying how awesome some product or company is. And unless you’re just stupid, you’ve probably guessed that these are… yes, I hate to break it to you… paid endorsements. But now, alas, the well may be running dry. How very sad for them… click thru for more on why.

So… the poor celebri-wannabes (because let’s face it, real celebs wouldn’t need the $$$ from pushing some shitty over-priced brand of vodka) are likely going to have a real glitch in their money-train. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has decided that just hiding #ad/#sp/#spon in the long-ass string of hashtags they slap on the end of post-vertisements™ (I made that up! It’s mine!) is NOT sufficient as far as alerting people that it’s just another damn ad. The companies (Oh, I’m sorry… brands…) that sponsor them or arrange it (and take their cut) are, of course, yelling that the FTC can’t say anything, and that they’re perfectly within the law to have some fat-ass wannabe telling you that only Ciroc vodka will do. Seriously? It’s not even good vodka, you tubby fuck. The FTC, on the other hand, has decided that these ads fall under their purview, and thus they have the right to impose rules on how they are done. Now, I don’t know about you, but the times I’ve had to go against the federal government, I have usually lost. And in this case, it’s pretty cut and dry that the FTC is absolutely right. Poor little Youtube stars! I hope you saved up your money and didn’t blow it on Ciroc vodka and neon hair dye. Oh? Oopsies.

On the even more positive side, maybe this will mean Scott Disick won’t ever get stuck posting the instructions they sent him, instead of the actual ad. Dumbass.

This post brought to you by Spam® – The Luncheon Meat of Champions!


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