People. Are. Idiots.

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Aloha, my dear friends. I’m here, reporting to you live from the frontlines of the war on stupidity. It’s a dangerous job, but someone has to do it, and I drew the short straw. Also, there may have been tequila involved. I’m still a little fuzzy on that part.

So, what am I talking about? Well, for those of you keeping up with current events, you know that a couple of nights ago, there was a HUGE shitstorm that went down in Orlando. The biggest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. And there is where the stupidity of other people comes in. Click it and I’ll go into more detail. Or don’t, and forever wonder if I’m calling you a dumbass.Ahhh…. good to see you. So, what exactly was I talking about on the other side of the “Read More” bar? First, let’s look at what went down.

On Saturday, June 11th, Omar Mateen, son of Afghani immigrants, called 9-1-1 in Orlando and declared his allegiance to ISIS. Yes, that ISIS. Or ISIL. Or Daesh. Or Evil-Fucking-Bastards. Whatever you want to call them. The point is that he swore his allegiance to them. Then, he proceeded to go into a gay bar and murder 50 people, and injure 53 more. There was a stand off, an armored vehicle was driven through a wall, a fire fight broke out, and the asswipe was killed. Yay! Also a cop learned exactly why they wear those kevlar helmets when his stopped a head shot. Hooray for modern defensive technology!

Now, in a normal, non-moronic world, people would gasp, cry, curse ISIS, and we’d go introduce them to “Shock and Awe Part 2: Even Awe-ier.” Clearly, from the response I’ve seen today, this is not a normal world. Well, maybe I should say it’s not a normal America.

When a group of like-minded Muslim extremists (Look! I can say it! Why can’t you, Obama?) attacked Paris and killed 130 people, France (FRANCE!!!) responded by going in and kicking a little ass. The (to quote that great philosopher Groundskeeper Willy) “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” took the fight to the bad guys.

America, the supposed biggest, baddest dog in the fight, won’t be doing any such thing under our current administration. Instead, our president, Emperor Obama the 1st, refuses to say that it’s a terrorist attack by a Muslim Extremist, and instead blames it on Americans having guns and being unaccepting of gays. And a huge number of morons out there agree with him. Today, as the dust is still settling and the blood is still wet on the dance floor, I’ve seen otherwise intelligent people (or so I thought) claiming that the guy who swore allegiance to ISIS is a “non-practicing Muslim” and that anyone who blames it on Muslim extremists is just an idiot who hates civil rights. No, my dear friends, we are people who can use logic, unlike you. When someone swears allegiance to a group of Muslim warriors, he is, indeed, a practicing Muslim. And this had exactly zero to do with civil rights. He didn’t attack these people because he didn’t want them to get married. He attacked them because, according to his religion, that’s what he is supposed to do. Go read the Qu’ran. It says that all good Muslims should kill gays. By shooting them, he was practicing his religion right then and there.

I’ve also seen more than a few dipshits saying “Take away all guns! No one needs guns! Repeal the 2nd Amendment!” Yeah…. not gonna happen. You can’t do that via an online petition, you weak, powerless morons. And if they tried to take away everyone’s guns, you can pretty much guarantee there would be a war. And the military and police are pretty much all on the side of the conservatives, especially after the way the libs have been treating them the past few years. So…. good luck with that. I suggest you try it in Texas first. They have a lot of guns. Oh, and just for the record, France has some of the strictest gun control laws on the books, but that didn’t do them a damn bit of good, did it? You see, criminals have ways of getting things they want, such as guns, and they don’t care what the law says about it. because they’re criminals!

There have also been quite a few saying this was (somehow) the fault of conservatives for having anti-LGBTQMDPOPSHITFUCKDAMN laws. That’s just plain stupid. First off, every single law they claim is against them is actually a pro-religious freedom law. Not everyone is going to agree with your freaky lifestyle. Deal with it. Second, this had nothing to do with such laws. It was an ISIS terrorist killing people that his religion told him were criminals (not sinners! Remember what you read in that Qu’ran bit up there? You did read it, right?) that should be killed. I’m relatively sure that Omar wasn’t a congressman at any point in his life, so saying that it was the laws fault is really just proving how fucking stupid you are. Like… seriously, majorly stupid.

So, there it is. America suffers the worst terror attack since 9/11 and the idiots on the liberal side of things are more interested in pushing their political views than taking care of business and making sure that we don’t have another attack tomorrow or the next day. Oh, and every single one of the idiots that have said such things were supporters of Bernie Sanders. I’ll just let that little factoid simmer in your craniums a bit. At the same time that the DemocRats were yelling “Gun control! Gay rights! Muslims are all peaceful!” a certain other candidate was pointing out that this proves his point, and that we need to handle the terrorists, not take rights away from Americans.

It really is ridiculous that people from the left seem unable (or are unwilling) to just see past their own issues and accept that there is a terrible problem in the world today, and it has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with their political agenda. And if we (meaning America) don’t step up as the Global Super-Power that we should be and stomp it out, they won’t have to worry about rights, because they soon won’t have any.

And with that, I’m headed back to the trenches, to face another flurry of low-IQ commentary. Wish me luck. And send hot sauce. The food out here stinks.

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