Clearly, they don’t know what “support” means…

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So, like many, many people on the Innertubes… Interwebs… whatever, I use Facebook to keep in contact with important people. You know, my family, my friends, assorted techno-organic beings preparing to take over the planet. The usual. Well, for a long time now, I’ve used a little plugin to make the damned site bearable. That plugin is SocialFixer. Okay, it’s currently more than a little long in the tooth and only partially works, but it’s better than nothing, and at least makes things tolerable. Support, however, is a fucking nightmare! Click through for the whole story…

So, first a little background about SocialFixer. It started out with a completely different name (Better Facebook) but to absolutely no one’s surprise, FB’s lawyers jumped in and slapped the guy who wrote it silly until he agreed to change the name and take out certain features that everyone loved, like the ability to know when people unfriended you. Apparently, Facebook considers that a negative experience and doesn’t want anyone to know about such things. Okay, it’s still better than the straight vanilla Facebook, especially since you can use skins to change the look to suit you. Yay, SocialFixer! Of course, since it is the work of one guy, it started to get slower and slower in being updated, while Facebook seemed to change quicker and quicker. Lots of things in the plugin broke and it was a sad day. Then, Firefox decided to only allow signed plugins, and SocialFixer was distributed via the guy’s own website, so it wasn’t. More breakage, with odd little work-arounds to make it sort-of work. Usually things which are less than nothing to someone with lots of experience, but are rather difficult for newbies. And thus, because the author himself is way too busy with life, family, and kids, support fell to a volunteer forum. And that’s where the real problems came in.

“Support” for SocialFixer is provided via a Facebook group. Now, it’s not the usual type of support group, where it’s a public group and anyone can read the posts and find solutions without being a member. Noooooo…. these guys have made it a private group which you have to be accepted into. Which, you will note, my dear readers, makes them very powerful with regard to providing said support. Or not, as the case may be. The admins of the group are a handful of volunteers who originally would help people with problems and try to work through issues. Now, however, they just tend to tell people to search the group or the ever-popular “read the sticky.” Now in the time it would take them to type “Read the sticky” they could just as easily say “No, ma’am, that feature isn’t working right now.” But they don’t. They assume everyone in the group is knowledgeable about the plugin and Facebook in general. Which…. SURPRISE!!!… they aren’t. People come to a support group looking for …. *gasp* …. support! But instead, they’re getting snarky remarks and utterly rude comments from the admins and various of their ass-kissing little sycophants. If someone dares to say anything against them, they tell you “If you don’t like it, leave the group.” And the worst of the bunch is a pickle-dicked weasel named Nick Ebner. Nicky Boy is retired, according to his profile, and apparently has turned into the grumpy old man who throws rocks at children. Or, at least, the Facebook equivalent. Tonight, he got a bee in his bonnet about people “asking stupid questions” and had a little hissy fit on the group. He whined and cried and threatened everything from banning people from the group to removing the group altogether. Oh, and then he spouted bullshit saying that from now on, the admins wouldn’t help anyone, and would leave it entirely up to the membership to provide assistance. To which I say… GOOD! Nick, you’ve been worthless for months, at the very least. You clearly don’t like providing support, so just fucking leave! Oh, and when his posts resulted in numerous people saying “Okay, we’ll do it!” he promptly deleted them. Can’t let the peasants revolt and take over the castle, can ya, Nick? Oh, and along similar lines… in the recent past, when members have provided help for people who ask what Nick & Co deem “stupid questions,” the admins tend to delete those comments and slam the gate down with a “This thread is closed! Further comments will be deleted and people who continue to comment will be banned!”

Then we have his little ass-kissers… When one member posted a wonderful post that basically said “If you can’t provide proper support for users of all experience levels, you should either step aside and let others, or bring in new admins who are willing to help,” she was jumped by a small group of morons that clearly have their heads so far up Nick’s ass they can see what he had for dinner. One dimwitted little girl (comparatively) argued that no one was entitled to hand-holding. Actually, dear, that is exactly what they are entitled to when they join a group that is specifically dedicated to support. Another widget claimed to have 20 years experience in IT support, and said that you just have to tell the client to RTFM and nothing else. To this jackass, I can only say that I have been in IT support and administration for around 30 years, and if anyone that worked for me EVER had that attitude toward new users, I would promptly fire their ass and make sure they knew they better look for a different line of work, because I would be giving a very colorful work reference.

Look, we’ve all been frustrated with people who don’t understand when you try to provide support. It’s just human nature. But the primary word in all this is “Support.” You have to be there to help them learn those basics when they need help. That’s the fucking job. Belittling people who ask for help isn’t just unnecessary, it’s also just plain fucking rude. Someone is not stupid just because they ask a question you’ve gone over a hundred times or something that seems obvious to you. Hell, I’ve had people with multiple degrees ask me how you turn a computer on. I didn’t treat them like idiots. I just showed them which button to push. And if they have to ask again, I just show them again. It’s no skin off my nose. Just like it shouldn’t be a big deal to Nick to tell someone “That’s actually not something SocialFixer can change. Sorry.” Or even (Oh my stars and garters!) aim them at someplace that can provide an answer! Oh, that’s just being silly. That would be the decent thing to do, and I think by now we all know that that isn’t going to happen.

So, for those who don’t like reading, allow me to sum up…. SocialFixer was great, but now is broken. SocialFixer Support is majorly fucked up. Primarily because they don’t want to provide support. Which would seem to be the only thing they’re there for.


The dickwad known as Nick Ebner… is dead. Actual support staff the world over (except in the SocialFixer Support group) are celebrating with a month-long kegger, weenie roast, and “Nick the Dick” costume contests. May he rest in pieces.

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