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Hey. I’ve kind of been hibernating, so I hope I haven’t missed anything. Is Trump president yet?

Oh well… on with why I’m posting! A loyal reader has made me aware of something too good to not comment on. For those who don’t like to click links, allow me to sum it up: Liberal whining. Can’t get my way. Moving to San Francisco. The end.

For the longer version (and my commentary) please click on through to the other side….

So, here we are…. this libtard (more on that later) has decided that she just can’t stand to live in Austin, Tx any longer, and must say goodbye. It’s not the Austin she remembers and she doesn’t like it anymore. Waaaahhhhhh!!!! Yup, that’s the Waaaahhhhhhhhmbulance, coming to give her a lift out of town. We get her life fucking story, as well as get to hear about her “biracial” daughter…. as if anyone cares. Seriously. No one cares about an adult (she’s moving to the East Coast, which I note is as far from her mother as possible, while staying within the Continental US) going on with her life. This woman just had to point out that her daughter was “biracial,” though. It’s the sign of a true progressive, you know, if you sleep with someone of a race other than your own. Bonus points if you conceive and raise a child. Oh, we get to hear how her daughter is sooooo frustrated with people asking what race she is… although she apparently was amused when it was done in Sicily. Because world travel is another sign of a true progressive, doncha know?

Next, we’re treated to a short tale of how, when she cut someone off, they called her a name! Gasp! I’m clutching my pearls! Seriously? Would anyone be surprised if someone they cut off called them any name in the book? I yelled much worse than she got when a friend’s mother, who was one of the sweetest women on the planet, nearly side-swiped me. It’s just how human nature works. Someone does something which distresses us, we respond with aggression. If you don’t you’re the human equivalent of a gerbil and are likely to get eaten. Best to go find yourself a nice, safe hole in the ground. Oh wait… San Francisco. There ya go! As hole-ish as it gets!

The next part is one that really deserves to be responded to bit by bit, so let’s quote it first. “Nor can I stomach half-baked, so-called political leaders who seek to decimate civil rights gains achieved over five decades; who compare refugees to rattlesnakes; who deny funds for feeding children; who speak in codes. I need an ocean. An enlightened governor. Fresh air. The absence of an idiotic gun culture.” Let the games begin!

  • “half-baked so-called political leaders” – Although I cannot respond with regard to their level of baking, I can tell you that they are NOT “so-called.” They ARE political leaders, whether you like them or not. If I have to show respect to the dipshit in the White House, you have to respect these guys.
  • “who seek to decimate civil rights gained over five decades”  – I can only assume this dimwit is referring to the fact that Texas politicians with sense have been trying to make identification required to vote. I know that she doesn’t like that concept, because liberals would really like for all voting to be done like in Chicago, where dead people regularly go to the polls, or Pennsylvania, where they had more people than live in the county they were voting in. But you see, that makes for crooked elec….ohhhhhh, I get it. Yeah, I can see why she wants no ID required. The thing is…. if we have to show ID to fly on a commercial plane, then why shouldn’t we have to if we want to vote. After all, voting is a little more important. And in Texas, you can get a free ID for voting just by asking.
  • “who compare refugees to rattlesnakes” – Oh yeah…. I’m sure we can trust all those refugees. After all, it’s not like ISIS has said that they’re sending troops in via all the refugees both here and in Europe. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what they said they were doing! Damn. So, want to let them live with you?
  • “who deny funds for feeding children” – That’s just silly. They’re denying funds to the refugees we just talked about, most of whom are military-age men. Or maybe you’re talking about the illegals pouring over our border? Either way, we aren’t starving children, and you know it. But for that matter, why the hell should we provide money to people from other countries when we have more than enough that need help right here at home? Or are poor American kids not deserving enough of your liberal welfare?
  • “who speak in codes” – The idiot in question goes in depth about this later on. She thinks that when the Governor says we won’t accept refugees, he’s using a code to mean “We already have enough brown-skinned people here.” No, you moron. It means “No Refugees” Perhaps you have a reading comprehension problem. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin, and to be perfectly honest, YOU are the one coming off as a racist here. Very anti-white, aren’t you? Of course, she also says of the governor that when he says “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home,” that he means “I sue the black guy and go home.” This woman is a pure, anti-white racist if ever there was one. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she is a devout follower of The New Black Panthers.
  • Then we get a list of things she needs – “an ocean” Sorry, all we have is the Gulf of Mexico. Aim east or west and keep walking until your head is under water.  “An enlightened governor” Well, we have one of those already. I think what you mean is “A governor that thinks exactly like I do.” Which, in Texas, is never going to happen. “Fresh Air” Good luck finding that in California. In Texas, we have fresh air. There, they learn to breathe this thing called “smog.” And finally… “The absence of an idiotic gun culture.” Awwwww…. I guess you don’t like guns. Well, despite what the moron at 1600 thinks, guns aren’t the problem. Guns keep people safe. Have you noticed where the shootings all happen? That’s right…. in places with over-the-top gun control! The only ones in Texas in recent memory have happened in locations where no one was allowed to carry. They have really strong gun control laws in Cali. You might want to invest in a bullet-proof vest.

Blah blah blah. She lists off a bunch of liberal bullshit that she says she’ll miss. Like anyone cares.

Then we have this: “The pervading atmosphere of racial and religious bigotry has been a strong factor in my decision to leave.” The only racial bigotry you’ve mentioned so far has been your own. And as for religious bigotry? Well, you have to mean anti-Muslim, because the rest of the religions are pretty well accepted by one and all (except you atheistic liberals). And in case you haven’t heard, the whole fucking country is fed up with Muslims. They hate us and want us dead. That tends to put off anyone with the sense God gave a flea.

Oy…. and then she whines more about how the mean ol’ white man won’t teach black history, literature, or music. How it takes knowledge of mainstream history, literature, and music to climb the mainstream socio-economic ladder. Ummm…. yes. Thus the “main” part of mainstream. Well, except that in all my years, I have never had a boss quiz me on history, literature, or music. Maybe the only way she assumes someone can climb the socio-economic ladder is by being winning a quiz show. Personally, I think was just more of her anti-white nonsense. She says she learned more about black hisory, etc in her segregated elementary school in St, Louis than she did her desegregated high school. Sounds like a piss poor education system, to me. It does explain a lot about her, though. Oh, and she finishes this off with another jab at Texas politicians, saying that the Texas State Board of Education doesn’t want the text books vetted by “academic scholars.” First off, it is either academics or scholars. They mean the same thing. It would be like saying you were going into the cooking kitchen. Secondly, you’re incorrect. They don’t want them vetted by liberal academics. Maybe because they all think like you.

Finally, she wraps it up with a bit more liberal bloviating, spewing more anti-gun rhetoric and hatred of whitey. Blah blah fucking blah. Please… leave our state. Get out. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Seriously…. Get the fuck out already.

Oh yeah… I almost forgot. “Libtard” … in the comments, one of the few right-minded individuals that didn’t get their comment deleted called Austin libtard Heaven. Which, to be fair, it is. her response was “”Libtard”? Whatever on earth does that mean?” Now either she is truly the biggest dumbass to walk the Earth, or she’s trying to be snarky, in which case she failed. So, just on the off chance that Ms. Sweets really is that stupid and happens to wander over here, allow me to clarify. Libtard is you. A liberal retard (lib-tard). If you need more help, try Googling it. I’m sure you can find lots of people willing to help explain it to you. Preferably in very small words.

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