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A quick post about a personal pet peeve of mine. The news today is virtually covered up with the story of some little Muslim kid that got “arrested” for supposedly inventing a clock. That’s what they have all said: “inventing a clock.” I know I should just let it go, but it really grinds my gears when people say that someone has “invented” something and they haven’t. The kid did NOT invent a clock. He didn’t even build the damn clock. He assembled it. He took pre-built circuit boards, a battery, and a pre-built digital display and assembled them in a pencil case. That is no more inventing a clock than if I were to put a new band on a Rolex and claim I had invented a Rolex. Even the little twit says he will never bring another “invention” to class again. Guess what, you little dimwit? You didn’t bring one this time! Seriously, I could not give a shit less about whether Ahmed can or does shove the guts of his alarm clock into his pencil case…. but I do care about people acting like he has invented a new way to tell time. No. No, he did not. And saying he did takes away from all of the people who do invent things.

UPDATE: It turns out, it was even worse than I said in the above post! As you can see here, someone went to the effort of tracking down all of the bits and pieces and working out exactly what the little dipshit did, and they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he just stripped down a 1980s digital alarm clock and screwed it (poorly, I might add) into a metal “pencil case” which looks like a small briefcase. This was never meant to be an “invention.” It was specifically made to look like a damn suitcase bomb. His father, who I will let you all look up for yourselves, almost certainly put the kid up to this. His name is Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed. Google him, and be prepared to gasp a little when you see the shit this man has been involved in. Or, if you’re ethically against hunting for things yourself, there’s a short but interesting bit on him here. Oh, and if you want to toss in a little love for the conspiracy theorists, I just went to look at the Reddit link mentioned in another article regarding the above discovery, and it’s been removed. Completely. Utterly purged. There was apparently a discussion in which Redditors determined that a USB hub the little twit claimed to have “invented” was actually just a Best Buy hub with the plastic case taken off. But speaking ill of the little twit is apparently verboten, so…. *poof*. All gone. Too bad it had already been seen by other people, huh?

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