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Aloha, mi amigos y amigas!

Yeah, I mixed languages there, Just checking to make sure you’re paying attention. Annnnnnnnyway, how are you kids doing? I, your intrepid reporter on all things pointless, have just returned from what can best be described as a few months in hell. I’d love to share details, but then the ninja death squads would track down each and every one of you and do unspeakable things to you. And as much fun as that sounds, I can assure you that it isn’t. Those ninjas are real bastards! The important thing is that I am back and still have most of my body parts. Well, the important ones, anyway. Who needs a spleen, anyway?

I could try and catch up, but let’s be honest… you’d just skim it and I’d probably miss something important anyway, so instead I think I’ll just jump in and go straight to current events. For more, just click through.

So, what all is going on? Oooo! Currently, Rob Liefeld (yes, that one) is ripping into this little prick of an artist named Robbi Rodriguez for an attack he made on J. Scott Campbell and Jim Lee. Apparently, Robbi got all SJW-up-in-arms over how Campbell and Lee drew the new-ish character Spider-Gwen. He threw a whiny baby fit because, apparently, he felt they disrespected “his kid.” Now, there is the teeeeeeeeeeeeeeny little fact that Gwen Stacy (the Gwen part of Spider-Gwen) was created by Stan Lee, not this little putz, but that’s beside the point. And when he was criticized for this utterly moronic POV, he threw an even bigger cranky-baby-with-a-shit-filled diaper style whine-fest, in which he tried to sound like a tough guy. For example, he said “I don’t take back what I said. It’s my opinion and feeling on the matter, and you can take it or leave it. I didn’t put it out there for discussion. I’m a prick that way.” No, slappy, not allowing discussion doesn’t make you a prick. It makes you a five-year old who has to have their way, at least mentally.  Oh, and he also has this insightful remark: “Shit son, this isn’t about censorship because most of the people bringing up that argument don’t even know what that word means exactly.” Allow me to use words which junior here can understand, should he happen upon them: Well, shit, fuckstain. I had no idea you were a lawyer and shit.  For the record, I know what censorship means… exactly, and it ain’t what you think, son. Now get back out my face ‘fore I bust yo teeth back into yo throat, bitch.

Ouch, Typing like that makes my head hurt. Sadly, that appears to be the only kind of phrasing which young Mr. Rodriguez would understand. Mr. Liefeld had a much better response than mine, though, so I heartily encourage all of you to go read it. Meanwhile, Rich Johnston (or someone on his team of… “journalists”) is trying to stir the pot by saying things like “But tastes change and either you change with them or you appeal to a market increasingly reducing in prominence.” While this is true, it’s really pretty much irrelevant in this situation, as the market for Mr. Campbell’s and Mr. Lee’s styles of art hasn’t reduced in prominence (more than any other has) for a significant length of time. Despite the exceptionally misleading statistics, the number of female comics readers hasn’t increased by near the numbers the SJWs like to think. And most of them that buy superhero comics want to look at typical heroes, not frumpy blobs or tit-less stick figures. In fact, generally, they want the same thing that male readers want….  a good story. Good art is a definite plus, but the story really does come first.

Another “artist” (for lack of a better word) with a relatively decent following online (he makes a living at it, at least) has decided to have a little twitter whine-fest himself. He recently declared that if you bring something you drew to show him at a convention and he disagrees with the way that you drew it, he’s going to just suddenly stop talking to you and ignore you from then on. Real mature there, jackass. And it’s not like he has much leeway to think other people are disgusting. In the not-so-distant past, he’s drawn bestiality and male rape and used them for punchlines. But he has problems with someone drawing a sexy cartoon character. yeah, that makes lots of sense. Maybe he needs to go hang out with Robbi. It sounds like they have sooooooo much Social Justicing to do.

I’m sure there are actual things I could keep talking about, but I think I heard a ninja scratching at the tent flap, so I better go challenge them to a fight to the death… again. Til next time…Stay Strong, true believers, and don’t take any half-ass art from dickwads that think no one should look sexy. And remember: Even Kirby drew tits.

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