To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo…

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That’s the question, folks.

So, one of the stories going around right now is about some guy who claims he wasn’t hired for a medical job because of his tattoos. We’re not talking a few, carefully placed tats that can be covered up, though. This guy is a fucking walking billboard. Full sleeves and neck tattoos. So, why am I bothering to spend valuable electrons discussing this genius?

He’s claiming he’s being discriminated against.

Yeah, really. Apparently, in this Entitlement-World we live in, being covered in ugly-ass tats is the new protected class. He honestly thinks they shouldn’t be allowed to deny him employment because of the way he looks. Guess what, Einstein? They’re not only allowed, they’re doing it! No way do you look like you belong in any kind of a professional setting. Well, except for professional bartender, or perhaps professional bass player. But definitely not in the medical field.

I have absolutely nothing against tattoos. Personally, I don’t have any, and won’t ever get any. My body looks just fine the way with factory specs, thanks. But I’ve had many friends with tats and dated plenty of women with ’em. They can be fun to trace, especially if they’re in certain locations…. but I digress. It doesn’t matter how awesome they are, if you can’t cover them up (at least for the most part), you’re probably not going to get a job in anything that requires you to look neat and tasteful.

Neck/face tats are not neat and tasteful. I believe the word to describe them is “tacky.” I do not care if it’s a kiss from your wife, or the footprint of your first born son (along with his name and birthday), it just looks like shit. People will not take you seriously in any professional context. Same goes for extensive facial piercings. If you look like you fell face-first into a tackle box, don’t bother applying with my company, because I’m going to send you on your way with a polite “Thanks. We’ll be in touch.” Followed shortly by filing your application and resume in the big, round filing cabinet that looks suspiciously like a garbage can.

There are morons who are equating this to not hiring someone because of their race, which is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. For one thing, you fucking dumbasses, someone cannot choose their race. I can’t choose to be black, asian, or Gallifreyan. You do choose whether to have those butt-ugly tattoos. It’s a choice. Choices have consequences, and the consequence of this one is that you will not get hired in 99.999% of all professional settings. Go back to being a motorcycle repairman or something, because you won’t be working in this office. Maybe apply at Hot Topic. They always seem to need another human billboard with ugly fucking skull tattoos on their forehead.

Also, this jack-ass is a Forty-Niners fan. That alone would be enough reason for me to tell him to fuck off.

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