Have you ever known someone who was convinced of their superior brain power, sometimes in spite of massive evidence to the contrary? I’m sure you have. We all know at least one guy who thinks he knows more about everything than everyone else, no matter what the topic is. Unfortunately, I’ve known way more than […]

Chen-Bot…. Activate!

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Well, gentle readers, that time is once again upon us. CBS has revealed the cast of this year’s Big Brother. Well, most of them, anyway… there are going to be four returning players playing for a separate prize and those haven’t been revealed yet, but the newbies are all up and out there. So… let’s […]

Over-react much?

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An article was recently brought to my attention that left me shaking my head over the state our country is in these days. Or perhaps I should say “the police state our country is in these days.” Go over and read it for yourself. Or the other one, from the local newspaper.