Brain-Dump ahead! Watch out for low-flying thoughts!

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Hello, my lovely lads and lassies (and all you other people, too)! Today, I’m just going to be opening up my cranium and pouring out the warm, gooey contents, whatever they may be. Enjoy!

First up, major, MAJOR props to Lucas Till, the actor who played Havok in the X-Men: First Class movie. I had seriously thought he was just another Holly-Douche who was chosen more for his ability to stand and look pretty than anything else. Well, in a recent interview with IGN he proved me wrong. He not only knew that the whole energy hula-hoop thing they had him doing was bullshit (and wants to correct it in the next movie so he blasts with his hands), but also said he wants them to bring in Polaris and give him his green-haired love interest. Pick up your geek points at the door, sir! Whether you wanted it or not, you are One Of Us.

Prometheus… decent movie, but way over-hyped. Definitely not on par with Alien. Way too many gaping plot holes and unexplained bits to ever make it worthy of “classic” status. More like “Better than that travesty with Winona Ryder” status, I’m afraid.

Speaking of Ryders… Erin Ryder (known as Ryder, coinkydinkally), of Destination: Truth fame, has a new show coming out called Chasing UFOs. You should definitely check it out. No, I haven’t seen it, but Ryder is only one of the most awesome people on TV (if not the whole damn planet). Not only is she approximately 10 degrees beyond hot, but she also is zany, cool, and fun. Plus, she will attempt to outrun just about anything, anywhere. If she’s on this show, it will be good.

In less amusing news, what the fuck is up with parents these days? By the grace of Trojan-Man, I’m not one, but many of the people my general age are, and the kids are rapidly reaching their teens (if they didn’t get there already). The same people that I once hung out with until the wee hours of the morning are now becoming all super-strict with their kids. For example, when discussing the recent arrest of Creflo Dollar, more than a few said they would “lay a whooping” on their own kids if they tried to go out at 11pm. One even said her 20 year old isn’t allowed out at 11pm. What the flying fuck? At 20, they are no longer a child and no longer beholden to your rules, dumbass. Even if he lives at home, all it really means is that it would be polite of him to tell you he’s going out. He’s old enough by far to be responsible for himself if he walks out the door. That’s just fucking stupid. And the “lay a whooping” crowd is about as hypocritical as can be. I remember each and every one of them being out later than 11and it wasn’t even to cause trouble. It’s just what kids do on summer nights. Oh and one said “What can you do after 11 that you can’t do before, except get into trouble?” Well, except for the occasional party and the fact that clubs (even 18 and up clubs) rarely get going before around 10-11, not much. But those extra hours are when kids have to just be kids, hanging out with all their friends and, yeah, maybe getting into a little trouble. We did the same thing, and oddly enough, most of us seemed to grow up just fine without getting “whooped” for it. Let ’em be kids, for god’s sakes.

I need to re-watch Blazing Saddles. I’ve just been in that kind of mood. Maybe I’ll plan out a Not A Father’s Day movie marathon and make a whole day of it.

Okay, cats and kittens, I guess that’s about it for now. The only things left in my brain are hunger for a big, tasty burrito and fond memories of Kirsten Dunst’s boobs from Melancholia. Time to go fill up again! Hasta lumbago, or whatever.

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