Movie Review – DOA: Dead or Alive

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I thought I’d break the reviewing ice with a real doozie. Yup, the 2006 box office smash (as in it fell down and smashed itself into the floor) DOA: Dead or Alive. Why? Why not? I doubt there are many reviews of this one floating around out on the Net.

Overweight cosplayers? Really?

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I’ve been reading sooooooooooo many articles by my fellow geeks full of righteous indignation toward some dipstick who wrote an article for Men’s Fitness magazine making fun of the ridiculously overweight people cosplaying at this year’s NYCC (New York ComicCon, for the less geek-infested of you, my dear readers). My first thought was “Yeah! How […]

I’m baaaaaaaaaack…

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Despite rumors of my death at the hands of angry hordes of pizza slingers, I’m alive and well. They only winged me with a lukewarm supreme. Anyway, on with our triumphant return to the electronic airwaves… My handy desk calendar informs me that it is, in fact, October… the month for spookiness and all things […]